• Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku
    Vol 2 No 1 (2018)

    As a new journal, we always attempt to improve the quality of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku. We have improved publishing process and quality of writings in this Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku Volume 2 Number 1. We hope that these improvements are apparent by our readers.

    Similar to the previous publication, this edition also consists of five articles. The first article discuss about the result of a study regarding juvenile delinquency whose parents have divorced. The result of the study argues that juvenile delinquency occurs due to the need for attention from the juvenile’s surroundings. Delinquencies are also a way to compensate their inferiority to their surroundings.

    In the next article, we present the result of a study regarding influence of control toward compulsive buying. The result of the study shows that there is negative relation between self-control with compulsive buying. The third article of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku is about definition and implementation of Ageng Suryomentaram’s Kawruh Jiwa Ki tenet on unity raos in everyday life. The result shows that sense of unity in the villagers of Bangun Rasa is defined as “Rasa Sama (Feeling of Similarity)”, guyub rukun, and mutual assistance. As the result of the implementation of unity roas, the villagers feel comfortable, sumeleh, and tranquil.

    The next article discuss about the role of forgiving on juveniles’ psychological well-being that live in orphanage. The result of this study argues that there’s relation between the two variables. Therefore, when the juvenile forgive themselves, their situation, and others, they will be able to build relationship well and also able to comprehend what they have experienced so they are able to increase their psychological well-being.

     The last article we present discuss about self-esteem, conformity, and sexual behavior in juvenile that are in relationship. The study shows that self-esteem doesn’t have any relation with sexual behavior of the juvenile, while conformity shows significant positive relation. The juvenile want to show to their friends that they are similar with those who have engaged in sexual relationship.

    We, the entire of Dewan Editor Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku (Editorial Board of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku) would like to express our gratitude to all authors and also Mitra bebestari that have helped to publish this journal. We hope this journal will be able to give benefits on the development of psychology in Indonesia. Please enjoy the read!

    Editorial Board,

  • Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku
    Vol 1 No 2 (2017)

    This Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku (JIP) Volume 1 Number 2 provided improvement of some parts of the previous edition which considered less favorable, i.e. the addition of “*” sign on the correspondence author section, and the addition of “Acknowledgment” page for Reviewer. We hope the next edition of JIP will provide a “perfect” form which will be the identity of JIP next publications.

    There are five articles published in this edition of JIP. The first article discusses the role of the centrality of disaster information networks in the perception of natural disaster risk. This article, which uses social network analysis approach, has found four centrality forms, those are proximity (kedekatan), mediation (keperantaraan), eigenvector (eigenvektor), and centrality degree (derajat sentralitas), which together will be able to predict the respondent perception regarding Merapi vulcanic disaster risk. In the next article, we provide the result of experiment regarding assertiveness training effectiveness on the students of Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP, on par with Middle School). This article shows that the training is effective to raise assertiveness on the participants. The third article of this edition of JIP explains about the process of making the Skala Sikap Terhadap Pelajaran Sosial Humaniora (Attitudes towards the Social Studies of Humanities Scale). In this article, the author had succeeded on making the scale which consists of 12 items. The next two articles discuss about family psychology. One of the articles discusses about parenting efficacy of the parents with blindness in nurturing their children. The result shows that the parents with blindness are more confident in nurturing their children in the nurturance domain rather than discipline and recreation domains. The last article shows the study of ethno-phenomenology about luru duit tradition in Indramayu. This article especially elaborates on the factors that cause several women in the research location to live as prostitute.

    We, the entire of Editorial Board of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku would like to express our gratitude to the authors that had given their trust on us to publish their articles. We also would like to express our gratitude to Reviewer that had provided their assistance on reviewing the articles. We hope that this journal will be one of the stepping stones on the development of psychology in Indonesia. Please, enjoy the read!




  • Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku
    Vol 1 No 1 (2017)
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