This edition consists of six articles. Everything is the result of empirical research. The first article is a correlational study that looks at the relationship between fathering self-efficacy and parenting stress in fathers who have more than one child in early childhood. The second article discusses the influence of the role of self-compassion and social support on parenting stress in working mothers. The third article discusses the difficult situations (sources of stress) faced by students, an overview of stress conditions in terms of demographic variables, predictions of the role of coping strategies in influencing the stress conditions faced by students, and efforts that can be made to promote and prevent mental health based on the school.

The fourth article contains research that tries to see the relationship between mental health literacy and public stigma with attitudes towards psychological assistance in college students. The next article, the fifth article, discusses how the contribution of online communication between parents and children to the life satisfaction of adolescents whose parents work. The sixth and last article discusses family functioning, happiness at school, and self-esteem related to bullying in adolescents. The results of this study also prove the accuracy of previous studies.

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Published: 2022-01-08