This edition consists of five articles. The first article discusses the effect of classical music on students' reading comprehension. The results showed that that classical music, especially with the slow tempo, did not have a significant effect on reading comprehension and did not interfere with the participants.

In the next article, we present the result of a study about meaningful work and organizational commitment of lecturers. The results showed that when lecturers consider their work to be meaningful and make a positive contribution, the lecturers have positive feelings and feel an obligation to remain at university.

The third article is about the impact of futsal based on positive psychological principles: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment (PERMA) in elementary school children. The results showed a very significant increase in all PERMA factors after participating in positive futsal intervention. However, teachers and coaches had different perspectives on observing children's well-being. The teachers observed the most prominent changes in children’s positive emotion and meaning, while the coach observed the most prominent changes in the children’s engagement, accomplishment, and meaning. 

 The next article discusses the contribution of mindfulness on behavioral self-control. The results showed that there was a positive influence of mindfulness on behavioral self-control. The behavioral aspect of self-control that is most affected by mindfulness is becoming aware.

Furthermore, the fifth article is about the effectiveness of writing techniques using own-name as an intervention to reduce the level of depression. The result showed participants in the self-distancing narrative writing group were relatively less used depressive sentences rather than participants in the expressive writing group.  

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Published: 2019-12-31