We always attempt to improve the quality of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku. We have improved publishing process and quality of writings in this Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku Volume 3 Number 1. We hope that these improvements are apparent by our readers.

Similar to the previous publication, this edition also consists of five articles. The first article discuss about the meaning of caregiving carried out by single mothers who have intellectual disability children, and the factors that can influence the caregiving. The results showed that single mothers who have intellectual disability children interpret caregiving as a turning point in life that helps single mothers to find the greatest capacity and intensity in themselves in living life obtained through a series of evaluative behaviors such as self reflection, understanding their value of life and realize their authority in maintaining family stability and child care after being abandoned by her husband.

In the next article, we present the result of a study about bullying behavior in junior high school students in Yogyakarta. The result of the study shows that there is bullying behavior has occurred in junior high school students in Yogyakarta. The third article of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku is about the effect of fulfilling autonomy, competence and relatedness needs on engagement, including behavioral and emotional engagement. The result shows that behavioral and emotional engagement were positively and significantly influenced by meeting the needs of competence and relatedness.

The next article discuss about the consumer decision-making styles of college students in Jakarta. The decision-making styles of Jakarta’s college students were strongly characterized by brand awareness and perfectionist. The last article we present discuss about the relationship between personality traits and self-esteem with hedonistic lifestyle on Starbucks consumer in Jakarta. The study shows that there was a significant negative relationship between self-esteem and hedonistic lifestyle, while conscientiousness personality traits had a significant positive relationship with the hedonistic lifestyle.

We, the entire of Dewan Editor Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku (Editorial Board of Jurnal Ilmu Perilaku) would like to express our gratitude to all authors and also Mitra bebestari that have helped to publish this journal. We hope this journal will be able to give benefits on the development of psychology in Indonesia. Please enjoy the read!

Editorial Board,


Published: 2019-08-16